Marcelina Amelia

Genuine Copper Tropicana

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Copper Tropicana (Copper Leaf)’ is a limited edition Silkscreen Print by contemporary artist Marcelina Amelia. Printed onto 310gsm Southbank Smooth paper, and finished with copper leaf, the piece is signed and numbered by the artist.

‘Copper Tropicana (Copper Leaf)’ showcases Amelia’s interest in the triangular relationship between the nature world, the metropolis and human implication. The pot plant represents nature tamed and enclosed and, in the frightening hands of the human, Amelia shows us the damage that we inflict on the natural world around us. ‘Copper Tropicana (Copper Leaf)’, with its bright palette, hand laid copper leaf, and use of both figurative and abstract elements, is a powerful piece of print work.

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