Beza Projekt

Beza Projekt is an avant-garde design studio founded by Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik, designers of furniture, household objects and art installations. Beza Projekt deals with product design from initial concept to final product. The workshop’s activities involve close partnership working with technicians and craftspeople. Together with a number of remarkable polish subcontractors, Beza Projekt designers have successfully delivered production of several thousand pieces of sets of Milk and Honey, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the Polish Presidency of the EU.

In addition, Beza Projekt create interior designs (involving custom-made furniture and solutions), small architecture, exhibition systems and furniture for public spaces.

Anna and Zofia’s portfolio contains a broad range of bold and innovative projects, often utilizing the latest technologies and materials. With a great team with and proven subcontractors, they continually deliver a range of unique products.

Beza project has been honored with awards such as:

Wizard of the Year 2013 of Magazine Design Alive

Make me! Lodz Design Festival 2013


Lodz Design Festival 2013

AMORIM and Domaine Boisbuchet of 2012

the Cannes Lions shortlist in 2012

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